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If you have questions about purchasing a pole, call or email - we'll get back to you ASAP

PoleDanzer Poles are permanent or removable and easy to install . Great for parties or for your own intimate entertainment. Party Poles are great for exercising, dancing or just having fun!

PoleDanzer offers: Permanent Spinning Party Pole 50mm (2 inch) and 45mm and Permanent (non-spinning) Party Pole

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PoleDanzer sells all parts and accessories for your needs. Please call 760-419-9514

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to purchase a lockout?
You can use your spinning pole for regular fitness and exercise routines by locking the pole from spinning.
What's the difference between polished brass and stainless steel poles?
It is a cosmetic choice as there are no differences in durability or wear.
What is the maximum size pole you can purchase?
20 feet for most poles
Do you make " fireman" poles?
Yes . We can custom build 2 story permanent poles. Call us for info and pricing.
Does Pole Danzer make fitness / exercise poles?
Yes. The best option would be a spinning pole with a lockout for dancing or fitness.
What is your warranty?
If you are not totally satisfied we will refund your money. All our poles have a LIFE-TIME guarantee on manufactured defects and an 18-month guarantee on product wear and tear
How long does it take to get my pole?
All poles are Custom made to your specifications and take approx 14 days to manufacture. We will keep you informed on the progress and you can call us at anytime.
What if I have a vaulted ceiling?
The Spinning PartyPole can go to 30 degrees. The Permanent Party Pole can go 45 degrees with vaulted ceiling adapter. Call for more information.
Do you sell any other accessories like fitness bars, stages, mats etc.
Yes. Give us a call 760-419-9514
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