Buying and Comparing Dance Poles

There are a few things to consider when you are buying and comparing dance poles. Not all dance poles are built the same. Many inexpensive poles can be found on the internet. Many are made in China with inferior materials and construction. Some of our customers have purchased an imported dance pole only to have it break after minimal use. Whether you are purchasing for your club, dance studio or home, your professional PoleDanzer dance pole will perform flawlessly and last a lifetime. We guarantee it.

Professional Quality and Construction

PoleDanzer made in the USAA PoleDanzer dance pole is hand-crafted in California using the highest quality materials purchased in the U.S.A. The Master Pole Maker has been making dance poles for over a decade. His quality workmanship guarantees that your product will work safely when installed correctly. PoleDanzer Dance Poles and Stripper Poles have no plastic parts or springs. Our poles are available in polished brass or polished stainless steel.

Buy a dance pole for your Studio Fitness Center or Home

PartyPoles are not only for the professionals and clubs any longer. Pole fitness is the latest way to get in shape and tone your body! These dance poles are for the ultimate cardiovascular work out. You will be exercising multiple muscles in your body and keeping toned by pole dancing on your dance pole and you can entertain at the same time.

Installation and Setup

Dance Pole Instructionsyour dance pole is easy to install and comse with easy to follow instructions. Our instructions page contains pole installation videos and step by step instructions . If you still need help you can always call us at 760-419-5914 .

Choosing the Right Professional PartyPole

PoleDanzer makes dance poles for studios, fitness centers, and home use. Whether for business, or home PoleDanzer has a professional quality dance pole perfect for your needs

Permanent Spinning - 2 inch

PoleDanzer permanent spinning dance poles are our most popular pole for clubs and dance studios. Custom Built to your specifications, and is available in polished brass or stainless steel. High quality stainless steel ball bearings insure smooth spinning and long wear. Adding a pole lockout lets you stop the spinning. The pole is available in lengths up to 20 feet. You can choose 1 or 2 piece construction ( you won't see the seam). Two piece construction saves money on shipping as all poles 15 feet and under ship for free in the continental United States.

Permanent Non-Spinning - 2 inch

This pole has all of the features of the spinning pole without the spinning. Many fitness centers and dance studios find this model perfect for their dance workouts and routines.

Permanent Spinning - 45mm

The PoleDanzer 45mm permanent spinning PartyPole is a slimmer 1 3/4"" diameter pole. This pole is reinforced with a steel sleeve to give it a .250 wall - one of the strongest dance poles available! . This pole is available in 1 piece construction and polished stainless steel.

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