PoleDanzer Pro Stripper / Dance Poles

Our customer service is second to none.

PoleDanzer has been in business since 2000 and started as a personal "marriage maintenance" item. Since then, PoleDanzer Dance Poles and Stripper Poles have been made for homes, studios, clubs and parties all over the world.

PoleDanzer's customer service is second to none. If you are not totally satisfied we will refund your money. All our poles have a LIFE-TIME guarantee on manufactured defects and an 18-month guarantee on product wear and tear.

All PartyPole sales come complete with installation and cleaning instructions.

PoleDanzer has plenty of dance poles and options to choose from

PoleDanzer Specialties: We make top quality permanent stripper poles. We can make poles for a vaulted ceiling with our special vaulted flange. Also we sell the parts and flanges to go with the spinning or non-spinning models. We can custom make any pole to your specifications or make your existing stripper pole spin.

PoleDanzer makes the Portable / Adjustable PartyPole, the original PartyPole, the Permanent Spinning PartyPole in 45mm (S.S. only) or 2 inch (50mm) diameter. Your choice of polished brass (up to 12 feet) or polished stainless steel (up to 20 feet). Poles are custom cut to your height specifications. Our permanent poles can can be made fixed or spinning, and spinning dance poles can be ordered with a lockout option, making your dance pole more versatile.

PoleDanzer Stripper / Dance Poles Shipping

Poles up to 8 feet can be shipped to your door. Poles over 8 feet must be shipped air cargo. For poles over 14 feet please call.

UPS and Fed Ex will not ship over 8 feet! - If ordering a pole over 8 feet it must be shipped air cargo to the nearest major airport. Please check the airport shipping box when ordering. When prompted for shipping address at checkout, check air cargo and add the airport (LAX, etc.) to shipping address line 2, and you can pick up your pole at the cargo terminal.

PoleDanzer sells all parts and accessories for your needs. Please call 760-419-9514 or email sales@poledanzer.com

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