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Get Fit and Have Fun! Pole Dancing is a great way to tone your muscles and have some fun at the same time! Check out this introduction pole dancing video from SW Pole Dancing. A workout on a dance pole is anything but ordinary. You can improve your strength and agility Adding music makes your fitness pole routines come to life, with your spins and poses. PoleDanzer will make you a quality dance pole pole that comes with a lifetime warranty

NEW SWPD STUDIO!!!!!!!!!I think it's safe to officially say, I am a new lover of PoleDanzer Dance Poles. After waiting for more than three weeks to get poles from another company, I got my PoleDanzer poles within 48 hours of placing my order! They are super strong sturdy beasts that make me want to spin (at SW Pole Dancing). Thank you, Robert at PoleDanzer!!!

Which PoleDanzer dance pole is the best choice for fitness and exercise routines?

While any PoleDanzer PartyPole will work as a fitness pole, your best option depends on your use. Fitness and dance studios will benefit from the strength and versatility of the 50mm/2 inch spinning dance pole with the optional pole lockout (allows you to stop the spinning when needed). Homeowners may benefit from the portability of the 2 inch (50mm) portable spinning dance pole with included lockout. This dance / fitness pole can be moved quickly from one location to another in just minutes. If you don't want to spin PoleDanzer offers the 2 inch (50mm) Permanent Dance Pole that will work great for fitness and exercise. All of these fitness/dance poles are available in both polished brass and polished stainless steel. You can also use 45mm (smaller diameter) Spinning Dance Pole available in polished stainless steel only. No matter what your needs, dance studio, fitness studio, home, or on the go, Pole Danzer dance poles will exceed your expectations. All poles are custom made in the U.S.A and come with a LIFE-TIME guarantee on manufactured defects, an 18-month guarantee on product wear and tear and free shipping.

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