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Have you ever fantasized about dancing on a polished brass or a polished stainless steel spinning stripper pole - your very own dance pole? Now you can buy a pro PoleDanzer pole for your own home and do dancing and fitness routines whenever you please!

Pro Stripper Poles by Pole Danzer
custom made in the U.S.A

PoleDanzer pro stripper poles are hand-crafted in California. PoleDanzer makes spinning poles (also known as rotator poles) as well as non-spinning poles for your pole dancing pleasure. Dance poles are great for parties, exercising or for your own intimate entertainment - on your own private PartyPole!

Pro Stripper Poles by Pole Danzer Stripper poles are not only for the professionals and clubs any longer. Pole fitness is the latest way to get in shape and tone your body for the ultimate cardiovascular work out. You will be exercising multiple muscles in your body and keeping toned by pole dancing on your PartyPole, and you can entertain at the same time.

PoleDanzer makes many pro stripper poles to choose from in polished brass or polished stainless steel. These are identical to poles in the clubs and dance studios but removable - check our Where to See Us page and visit some of the pole fitness clubs and exotic pole dance studios who use PoleDanzer's pro stripper poles.

PoleDanzer stripper poles are custom made to your specifications. Fill in our easy order form with the measurement from floor to ceiling where you want your Pole installed. Your PartyPole will arrive with easy-to-follow installation instructions - and we're only a phone call away if you have a question.

Our Permanent Spinning Pole has specialized ends with bearings to make it spin.

The 2 inch (50mm) diameter pole is available in both polished brass and polished stainless steel up to 20 feet in height. The PoleDanzer Spinning 45mm (1 3/4 inches) diameter pole is available in polished stainless steel up to 20 feet in height. All PoleDanzer professional poles come with mounting hardware (top and bottom flanges)and installation instructions.

Pole dance classes, instructional dance videos and dvds are all available. You can check out our FAQ Page for the most common questions.

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