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Spinning Dance Pole

- 8ft or less -
45mm diameter
Price: $ 709.95

This PoleDanzer dance pole is reinforced with a steel sleeve to give it a .250 wall - one of the strongest dance poles available! The PartyPole is permanently attached to the floor and ceiling, and easy to set up. You will spin like a pro with a little practice .

Another PoleDanzer professional quality stripper pole! Hand-crafted with attention to detail, with a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects.

45mm poles are only available in polished stainless steel and 1 piece construction.

This 45mm spinning pole is for a ceiling 8 feet or less.

You need to measure floor to ceiling at the shortest point you will be using the dance pole.
Examples: 7ft 9.8in or 93.8in or .

Add a Pole Lockout (stops the spinning ) for only $49.00

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Order your 8 ft. 45mm spinning stripper pole here! partypole by pole danzer