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Permanent Stripper Pole
- Over 8ft to 12ft -
2 inches (50mm) diameter Pole

Price:$ 585.95

This PoleDanzer Pole is permanently attached to the floor and ceiling, and easy to set up. Another PoleDanzer professional quality stripper pole! Hand-crafted with attention to detail, with a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects.

Fill in our easy order form with the measurement from floor to ceiling where you want your PoleDanzer Stripper Pole installed. Your pole will arrive with easy-to-follow installation instructions - and we're only a phone call away if you have a question.

You need to measure floor to ceiling at the shortest point you will be using the pole and enter on the order form.
Examples: 8ft 6.5in or 102.5in or 260.4cm

If ordering a 1 piece pole please include the name of the nearest big airport to the shipping address line 2. and you can pick up your pole at the cargo terminal -OR- you can order a two piece pole and your order will be shipped to your door. Shipping air cargo, as UPS and Fed Ex will not ship over 8 feet.

Order your 8-12 ft. Permanent dance pole online today!

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permanent dance pole by pole danzer