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The Master Pole Maker at PoleDanzer has been making Dance Poles and Stripper Poles for over a decade. His quality workmanship guarantees that your Stripper Pole will work safely when installed correctly. If you've decided you need a Dance Pole for your home or studio, PoleDanzer is the one to buy. Made in the U.S.A., PoleDanzer's Stripper Poles are Top Quality. Get yours now!

PoleDanzer Stripper Poles are MADE IN THE U.S.A.

This pole bolts to the floor and ceiling, same for the spinner. You need to measure the height of your ceiling where you intend to use the pole, and let us know the height when you order. Top and bottom flanges are included with the Permanent PartyPole for mounting. You are now ready to use your PartyPole! Pole Fitness and Pole Dancing are the new fun ways to get in shape. Get your polished brass or stainless steel pole today! Call 760-419-9514 or use our online order form. Please be sure to CALL when ordering a pole over 15 feet.
You need to measure the height of your ceiling where you intend to use the pole, and let us know the height when you order. Ceiling mount is secured by two (2) screws into a wooden beam beyond the drywall (Use a studfinder to locate). Put pole into floor platform at a 90° angle from the ceiling, add collar and raise into the ceiling mount. Bring collar up to ceiling mount and tighten with an allen wrench.
This pole has a ceiling mount that is screwed to the ceiling and a bottom mount platform, so it does not mount to the floor. The pro spinning pole has 2 top bearings and 1 bottom bearing. This goes up and down within a minute. Very easy to use and will hold 375 pounds - it is as strong as a permanent pole. Carpeted floor platform with polished brass or polished stainless steel mount Ceiling mount Polished brass or polished stainless steel pole Steel sleeve collar with allen screw and wrench Fake velcro smoke alarm cover Professional Spinning PartyPole is like our regular PartyPole but has specialized ends to make it spin
To mount - screw pole adjustment up to ceiling and tighten locknut. You must find the stud in ceiling to screw it up to using a stud finder. To find the height of pole - measure from the lowest ceiling height you will be using. Pole will adjust up to 24 inches and let us know the length on your order.
All poles come in polished brass or polished stainless steel up to 20 feet and are 2" OD (outside diameter). All 2 inch poles can be made two-piece. We also have stainless steel 45mm poles. The 45mm poles can only be one piece. The Portable PartyPole is good for one person, up to 190 pounds. All other PartyPoles are good for 375 pounds, up to three ladies at a time! Portable PartyPole Package Includes: Bearing mounts for floor and ceiling and you can make it stationary or spin Polished brass or polished stainless steel poles are available. This pole is held by pressure and can adjust.
This is a spinning dance pole
To make a long story short, my pole from another company broke and now I am using the PoleDanzer Portable Partypole. So far it seems pretty nice :). It's been a month without pole practice, I was starting to get bored of floorwork but finally, on Friday, I was able to install my new pole and gave it a try:P. I recorded two dances, this one is more of a warm- up, going over some basic moves and trying to keep them fluid. My spiny dismount, or however it's called, still needs more work but I'm very happy to have successfully done the elbow-stand-lift, I've been practicing it all this month..:D. I will post the second video later. Hope you enjoy! Song is "So Still" by Bliss.
This is a stationary dance pole
Here are a couple of videos featuring PoleDanzer Poles, stationary and spinning!

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